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Apartment in Kypseli

Type: Residential    

Design & Construction Management: Panagiotis Papanikolaou 

Location: Kypseli I Athens 

Year: 2022 

Size: 51 sqm

Photography: Panagiotis Papanikolaou  

The apartment is located in a 1960’s apartment building, in the area of Kypseli, with views towards a late neoclassical building. In order for the view to become the focal point, it was decided, that the interior design of the apartment should be based on simplicity and neutralism.

Moreover, important architectural elements of the apartment, such as the oak and terrazzo floors, that represent the construction period of the building, were preserved and highlighted. The selected colours aim to work in harmony with those elements, while also creating a ‘warm’ minimalistic result, that repeats itself with consistency, in order to conceptually connect the different spaces of the apartment.

The pure white kitchen with red details, that is treated as one large furniture, enhances the ‘warm’ minimalistic intention, while the bathroom is also designed with the same logic, with the small white tiles and the pedestal sink, being a discreet reference to the 1960’s.

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