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Parkview Apartment in Ilisia


Type: Residential    

Design: Panagiotis Papanikolaou   

Construction: Local Technicians selected by the Client

Photo credits: Panagiotis Papanikolaou

Location: Ilisia I Athens    

Year: 2023   

Size: 70 sqm

The apartment is located in a 1970’s apartment building in the neighbourhood of Ilisia in the centre of Athens. The unobstructed view towards the green spaces was the core of the design proposal, as the apartment has vistas towards a public Pine tree grove from one side and a green uncovered space from the other side.

The wall between the kitchen space and the entrance hall was removed, in order to create a unified living space with transparent visual contact with both green spaces. The small kitchen was redesigned, doubling its previous storage space, while its white surfaces and minimal approach allow the view to the greenery to become the main focal point.

A divider constructed from steel and glass, creates a new transparent boundary between the living space and the kitchen and subtly divides the two spaces, allowing however the view towards the green space and the entrance of light. A blue – green colour was selected for both the steel divider and the bathroom’s furniture, as it works in harmony with the existing terrazzo floors that were retained and restored, following a colour palette with contrasting warm and cold tonalities. Moreover, oak elements along with green colour details are placed in several points of the apartment, thus enhancing the relationship with the natural landscape. In the bathroom, marble elements, such as the countertop and the shelves along with the terrazzo floor tiles allow a connection with the existing terrazzo floors and the apartment’s original condition.

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