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Apartment in Neapoli


Type: Residential    

Design & Construction Management: Panagiotis Papanikolaou    

Location: Neapoli I Athens    

Year: 2020   

Size: 92 sqm

Photography: Panagiotis Papanikolaou

The apartment is located in the Athenian neighborhood of Neapoli, just beneath the Hill of Lycabettus. Despite the fact that the building is a representative example of a ‘mass production’ apartment building of the 1960’s period, the interior of the flat revealed interesting construction details of that era. Therefore the aim was not only adjusting the apartment so that it meets its new owners’ contemporary needs but also respecting its existing character by retaining and restoring all the representative elements of that time such as the herringbone oak floor and different terrazzo floors.

Mid-Century Modern furniture, referring to the decade of the apartment’s construction was used in the main spaces of the apartment along with soft colours that highlight the floor, the furniture and the owners’ art collection. The redesigned bathrooms were cladded with terrazzo tiles that create a distinct continuity with the existing terrazzo floors. 

Bright and light colours were also used in the kitchen, allowing the existing floors to work in harmony with the new design and become the highlight of the space. Despite the fact that the apartment is located only a few meters away from the Hill of Lycabettus, the dense built form of the area does not allow visual contact with the hill. Therefore, the use of indoor plants acts as a symbolic attempt to reconnect the space with the natural landscape.

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