Apartment in Exarcheia

Apartment in Exarcheia


Type: Residential    

Design & Construction Management: Panagiotis Papanikolaou    

Location:  Exarcheia I Athens    

Year: 2019    

Size: 64 sqm

Photography: Panagiotis Papanikolaou


The apartment in Exarcheia  was built during the 1960’s, in the second period of the reconstruction of Athens. The aim of the project was a subtle renovation and adjustment of the flat to today’s contemporary living needs, without altering the urban character of that era. The basic functions of the apartment were kept in their previous position but many of the temporary moving elements were removed in order to allow more light and thus unify the different spaces.


The elements that characterized the flats of that time such as herringbone oak flooring and wooden framed windows and doors were restored and highlighted, thus gaining a second life. The furniture and lighting units that were used refer to Mid-century modern and Scandinavian design, reflecting back on the period that the apartment was built.

Pale and bright colors that reflect light and exhale calmness were used in the main living spaces of the apartment as well as gray fabric and wood that creates a sense of softness and warmth. The kitchen space works complementary to the main living space, creating a vivid color game of alteration and surprise, while the texture of the new flooring is repeated on the kitchen countertop, giving the space a unified identity. The bathroom's geometric patterns of the tiles become the highlight of the space that is complemented by marble elements and steel details, referring to the construction materials that were originally used during the period that the apartment was built. Moreover the space becomes a canvas that allows a game of contrast between textures, colors and materiality to take place.