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1960's Apartment Building Colour Scheme


Type: Residential    

Colour Scheme: Panagiotis Papanikolaou   

Photo credits: Panagiotis Papanikolaou

Location: Neapoli I Athens    

Year: 2023   

The brief of the project was to come up with a new color scheme for the common areas of a 1960's apartment building in the neighborhood of Neapoli in Athens. The concept was to apply a quiet colour palette with references to the 1960's modernist colour schemes that would also highlight interesting elements of the building such as the main staircase, the elevator doors and the porter's space. In order to achieve that, a greyish colour that works in harmony with the existing marble flooring was used for most walls, while blue tones are used for the elevator doors and steel windows, complimenting the warm terrazzo floors of the upper floors. The porter's space was painted in a warm terracota red colour that works in harmony with the 1960's walnut veneer  countertop, while the staircase was painted in bright white in order to become the main element of the common spaces.


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