Office space in Athens

Office space in Athens


Type: Commercial

Design: Panagiotis Papanikolaou    

Location: Chaidari  I Athens    

Year: 2019    

Size: 220 sqm

Photography: Panagiotis Papanikolaou

The workspace is located in the area of Chaidari, Athens on the top floor of a building with open view towards the public grove of Chaidairi and Egaleo mountain. The brief of the project was to renovate the existing workspace and provide more working spaces for a growing company of chemical products. The space was in need for radical change as it lacked a unified identity and had also suffered from poor spatial organization that blocked natural light, thus making it impossible to accommodate more workspaces.

The solution came from removing some of the existing walls that divided the space and creating an open plan main space that takes advantage of the open view and allows as much light as possible in the office. The different departments of the company such as sales, accounting and management were clustered in teams to allow better communication and team work, while it was also very important that every workspace was in reach of natural light. While the main space is very open, other spaces such as the directors’ offices and the meeting room remain separate in order to retain privacy.

After having re-arranged the plan according to the company’s new needs it was also very important to give the space a common identity that matched the philosophy of the firm and the friendly environment that has been cultivated in the past years. Starting with the idea that an office space doesn't necessarily have to be lifeless and cold in order to be professional, the aim was to come up with a space that projected calmness and comfort in the same way that a home does. In order to achieve that a peaceful and joyful color pallet of white, light blue and green, wooden surfaces and greenery was used in many parts of the space.