The Green Link I RIBA East London Architects Group Award 2017

The Green Link I Library & Public Space Design in the Isle of Dogs 

RIBA East London Architects Society Prize 2017


Type: Urban Design 

Design: Panagiotis Papanikolaou    

Location: Isle of Dogs I East London  

Year: 2017   

The project, that received the RIBA East London Architects Group Award in 2017, takes place in the area of Isle Dogs in London. Following the closing of the docks in the 1970’s, the land was privatised, leading to an unorthodox urban development.


Currently, the site remains de-activated due to the block access towards river Thames and poor connectivity with Greenwich. Moreover, the existing viaduct remains without a use, thus not playing an important role in the area. The main aim of the project is to unlock its potential by reconnecting the site around Mudchute farm with the green spaces and bodies of water that exist in the wider area.

The proposed masterplan includes a public library next to the existing school, along with a residential building to fund the project and the redesign of public space and the existing viaduct which can be used as an elevated green space.  The proposed buildings’ facades act as a vertical garden, highlighting even more the green character of the project. 

The built form of the proposed buildings comes as a response to the poor connectivity with the existing footpath and the river. The proposed buildings are designed in a way that they point and guide towards the river while they also create meaningful public space in between.

The design of the library revolves around the idea of ‘a building withing a building’ where the outer skin of the building, inspired by the rhythm of the viaduct, creates a filter between public and private space, controlling light and the microclimate. A structure that accommodates the books, the main circulation and several reading rooms at different levels becomes an own entity within the building, creating a game between void and space.